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Volumetric Flow

As water engineers we know how challenging it can be working on projects using different units - constantly changing between imperial to metric or metric to imperial.

Our water unit converter tool was developed to save you time by allowing you to quickly create a wide range of water and wastewater related conversions specific to your treatment project needs. By creating a hub for water and wastewater unit conversion you can increase the efficiency of your engineering work – water & wastewater projects, treatment designs, unit conversions, and water engineering calculations.
Wastewater Engineer

The primary units used throughout the water industry are flux, length, concentration, flow, temperature, mass, mass flux, and mass ratio which are all included in this tool.

Flow units are the volume of fluid that passes per unit of time. Conversion units include cubic meter per day (m3/d), cubic meter per hour (m3/h), cubic meter per minute (m3/min), Liter per second (l/sec), million gallon per day (MGD), million liter per day (MLD) and gallon per day (GPD).

For reference, some general relations between units are:
  • 1 MGD = 1.547 cfs
  • 1 MGD = 694.44 gpm
  • 1 cfs = 0.6463 MGD
  • 1 cfs = 448.83 gpm

Due to the large number of formulae required to correctly translate equations between the imperial and metric systems, engineers in the water sector, in particular, will benefit from this translation tool. It can be difficult to ensure that data such as influent flows, membrane fluxes, hydraulic loading rates of specific civil structures (primary and secondary clarifiers), and process equipment (screens, retention sieves for MBBR, membrane for MBR, and so on) are exactly where they should be. With our conversion tool, the agony of converting units into actionable tasks in order to make treatment process adjustments more efficient has ended!

The Transcend tools can also assist you in configuring designs to accelerate the amount of time spent on drafting proposals. Make your next project a breeze with our free tools created by wastewater engineers for engineers like you!